Benilde Unite 2013 (by Ysa Diane Santos)#denim #muscletee #hipster #party #color #unite

Benilde Unite 2013 (by Ysa Diane Santos)

#denim #muscletee #hipster #party #color #unite

Kang Taejun Appreciation Post 1

my new brian! :”)

Party? huh?

Last 15th of March, me and my friends went to this party hosted by De La Salle University’s BMS at PICC Forum 1. “REDux: Life Through Expression” that’s what it is called.

^Jeron Teng, Mica Reyes, and Thomas Torres showing their support to REDux. Sadly, none of them are at the party. :(

Honestly, I’m not really a” party person” BELIEVE ME! I spend most of my Thursday and Friday nights surfing the internet, eating, and sleeping (of course haha). I’ve been to a dance party *ahem FSN ahem* and some debut parties, but REDux is my first “real party”, a party with overflowing drinks and strangers. 

Drinks are not my purpose in attending REDux, we went there for our “Happy Assignment”.

"Happy Assignment" - The do whatever you want to do, go wherever you want to go, just make sure it has something to do with the topic of your presentation and you have to submit a reflection paper. (it’s for worproc)

so there.. Our topic for our project presentation has something to do with “Fashion”, fortunately a part of REDux is a Fashion Show, that’s why we chose it to be our destination for this activity.

Aside from the “ohhh” and the “aaahh” feeling, what I liked about this party is their “pakulo”. Included on the 250 pesos ticket is a shirt and a marker. If you’re wondering why we were given markers it is because the concept of this party is graffiti and people are free to doodle each others’ shirts. cool. 

Here are some of the snapshots during the event..

Us, Arnie, Celyne, Alyssa, Me, and Queenie :)

With Rosette and CJ, my happy homework buddies, and a random person I met on our way to the party. lol jk. that’s anthony, a hs friend.

Queenie,Celyne, Arnice, Rose, and Moi.

Sleeping Ysa and Tipsy ex. hehehe

The crowd. Point and that’s us. 

Yeaaahh… K. baiii.

oxox Ysa :)

(Most photos are grabbed here:; Official site:

“We didn’t have any paints in the house when I was younger, but I would do collage. I would collect advertisements, rip them up, and then paste them together. That was the beginning of it. After that, I did photography, and then painting and sculpting. I began to realise how important it is to express yourself, and not be afraid of making mistakes – as mistakes often make something special and unique.”Lucy Liu

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